Sonic The Hedgehog 3D Kick Scooter for Kids, Self-Balancing 3 Wheeled Light Up Scooter with Extra Wide Anti-Slip Deck, Rear Brake, Lean to Steer, Lightweight Design, for Kids 3 and up, 75 LB Limit


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Price: $59.99
(as of May 17, 2024 19:57:28 UTC – Details)

Let your child ride to their heart’s content with the Sonic The Hedgehog 3D Kick Scooter with Light Up Deck and Wheels! Designed with maximum fun and safety in mind, you can rest easy knowing your child is staying active outdoors while being safe as can be!A fun 3 wheeled design allows the scooter to always stay upright, so your child and focus less on staying balanced and more on just having fun! A rear wheel brake lets the scooter stop quickly and safely, allowing your child to easily stop riding. An extra wide deck gives your child plenty of space comfortably stand and ride! With bright lights dotting the wheels and deck of your scooter, your child can light up their ride and have even more fun!With easy tilt to turn wheels, your child can work on their fine motor skills as they have fun riding their new scooter! The comfortable grips make sure to eliminate any pain or cramping while riding!
Self-Balancing for Stress Free Riding: This scooter is built to take the worries of losing your balance away thanks to its 3-Wheeled Design. We designed this kick scooter with a stable platform and safe-roll wheels, making it a highly reliable self-balancing three-wheel scooter for kids. Your child can hop on and off and ride without any worries thanks to the scooter’s ability to stay upright on its own.
Light Up Deck and Wheels: Our kick scooter features bright LED lights that will light up your ride! Multicolor RGB LED’s in both the wheels and deck will make your scooter truly stand out! Watch as the colors shine and twinkle, providing endless fun!
Featuring a 3D Design of Your Kid’s Favorite Character: Surprise any child with a gift featuring their favorite character, Sonic! With a detailed 3D mold of the character at the front of the scooter, your child will absolutely love their new ride.
Safe and Fun: With its extra wide, nonslip deck, rear foot brake, and comfortable handlebars, your child will feel as secure as possible while riding the Sonic The Hedgehog 3 Wheeled Kick Scooter! Give your children the safest micro kickboard mini scooter experience you could ask for, with easy-to-use tilt controls, smooth turn steering, and a powerful foot brake. With our scooter your kids can play the day away!

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