Retro Video Games Console for Kids Adults Built-in 308 Classic Electronic Game 3.0” Screen Mini TV Games Console Support TV Output and USB Charging Birthday Xmas Gift for Boys Girl 4-12 (Blue)



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Product Description

GV300S 12GV300S 12

Keep your brain busy

This exciting Retro games console comes preloaded with a variety of fun single or two player games that will develop fast thinking and flexible fingers, making you endless aftertaste! You’ll be addicted to beating this challenging game.

There is no age limit to such fun. The whole family can enjoy the fun of GV300S. Built in 308 retro games, includes sports, adventure, shooting, racing, chess,fighting and puzzle games as well as thinking and learning games involving memory, math, and logic.

No Wi-Fi? No problem! You can play games in cars, airplanes, and wherever you want to play. Turn off the sound or turn it up for maximum fun. GV300S is a video game that won’t bore you wherever you go.

GV300S 13GV300S 13

More scientific appearance design!

Inspired by the game consoles of the 80’s and incorporating modern technology to show a more excellent gaming performance experience!

The design of retro TV adds modern and fashionable elements to make it look more lovely.


GV300S  4GV300S  4

GV300S 5GV300S 5

Support two-player games

You can play single-player games or two people at the same time. Double-player games can exercise the habit of collaboration between two people, so as to develop a sense of team.

(Note: Two-player mode requires the purchase of a separate game controller)

USB Rechargeable , comfortable to use

Built-in a rechargeable lithium battery, providing a steady stream of energy for your child’s happiness. It also eliminates the parents from buying and replacing batteries frequently.

(Note: the factory standard 1 * 3.8V lithium battery, can not be disassembled battery box, can not be put into the battery to avoid failure)

Lots of classic retro games pre-installed

Designed for children and adults ages 4 to 106, the GV300S packs fun and adventure into a compact video game console that’s easy to carry around and entertain on the go.

GV300S 9GV300S 9

2in1:Switching between on/off and volume

In the off state, the knob key plays the role of switching on and off

In the power-on state, the knob key can adjust the volume level


GV300S Retro games console with built-in 308 classic games supports TV connected handheld controllers

Play on top of a large screen TV

Use the AV cable to connect the console to your TV. Please make sure your TV has an AV output and channels. Please note: This console does not support HDMI.

How to connect your TV: The 2.5mm end is plugged into the console and the other two cables (RCA) are plugged into the two jacks on the TV. Ensure that the cable plugs are connected to the appropriate colour sockets. Then tune the TV to the appropriate AV channel.

How do I connect to the handheld controller?

The batteries (2*AAA, not included) are automatically matched to the game console signal when placed in the joystick. If you have bought another joystick, the first one to match with the console is the P1 controller, which means it controls the game console, and the second one to match with the console is the P2 controller, which only works on the second character of the game.

Handle signal: 1. Controller LED is flashing, which means it is looking for a match to the game host signal. 2. Controller LED is always on, which means the handle has matched the signal to the game host and the handle LED is also flashing when it is working.

GV300S 8GV300S 8

Universal Gift Idea

Give a unique and interesting gift to your children, neighbors, brothers and sisters, friends, colleagues, etc. You will receive compliments.

Sturdy and Durable

Packing list

1*TV Game Console1* Gamepads1*USB Charging Cable1*Built-in Li-ion Batteries1*AV Cable1*ABS ANT1*Manual

This kids games console is made of safe, high-quality materials and is durable. supports our products and is ready to help you in case of any order related problems,WELLS-T.G always provide our sincere serving.

【Larger and Clearer Screen】: 3.0-inch high-definition display, ensuring portability, while also taking into account the comfort of the games. Not too bulky or too small. Tailored for children, Of course, as an adult gamers also can find pleasure in it.In order to prevent the screen from being scratched during production, the screen surface is covered with a protective film. It is normal to have scratches on the protective film. Please tear it off before use.
【Rugged Shatterproof】: The casing is made of a strong and environmentally friendly plastic. Surface frosted, anti-fingerprint anti-scratch.After a long period of practical use testing, it is enough to withstand the violence of children. We promise that if it accidentally breaks within a month, please send us an email and we will renew it for free.
【Long Use Time】: Built-in a rechargeable 800mAh large capacity lithium battery, The game can play for up to 5 hours each time it is fully charged. Flexible power supply mode will bring your child a lot of joy and happiness during the trip or long journey.
【Perfect Gift for Kids & Adults】Ideal gift for kids and adults on birthday, Christmas Day or any occasion. Nothing is better than a toy that allows the child to enjoy playing. This video game console can definitely surprise you and your child. We promise that if it accidentally breaks within 60 days, please send us an email and we will replacement it for free.
🔁 Note: Please do not mix and add any batteries to the TV game console. Because the batteries we come with are rechargeable batteries (3.7V), factory standard 800MA lithium batteries, which can be contacted to work for 5-6 hours after fully charged. If you mix and add batteries, it will cause short circuit and leakage.
🔁Note: If you find that the controller is not able to master the game console, please check the back of the controller to see if it is labeled P1 and P2. if it is, please open the battery cover of the game board and check if there is a toggle key. p1 can control any function of the game console, and the P2 position only works for the second character in the game. If there is no toggle key, turn the console or gamepad back on and it will connect automatically.