Mothers Day Gift for Daughter, Daughter Gift from Mom, Daughter Birthday Gift Leather Journal, Wedding Birthday Gifts for Daughters from Mother, Daughter Gifts 140 pages Refillable Journal



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DAUGHTER GIFT FROM MOM: The engraved leather journal can not only write a diary, draw, sketch, but also be used to collect stamps. Help your daughter record her growth and mood. Gifts for daughter from mom, birthday gifts for daughter, leather journal for daughter, graduation gift for daughter, Christmas gifts for daughter, daughter christmas gifts, daughter birthday gifts.
VINTAGE LEATHER MATERIAL: Vintage leather journal covers are made of PU leather material, which is not easy to damage and can effectively protect the paper inside from wrinkling. The sturdy double-line binding design keeps the leather journal fastened from falling off easily.
REFILLABLE DESIGN: There are two different papers in the diary, liner + kraft paper, a total of 140 pages. Includes PVC card slot and a pouch inside. The double line binding design allows the paper inside to be replaced at will, increasing reusability. A stretchy leather cord secures the entirety of the notebook on the outside of the notepad.
SUITABLE SIZE: Leather cover size:7.8*4.6inch, it can be put into a backpack, handbag, satchel, or clothes pocket, and can be taken out and used at any time. Suitable for office, travel, daily use, help your daughter record life and important things anytime, anywhere.

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BeauGift Mothers Day Gift for Daughter, Daughter Gift from Mom, Daughter Birthday Gift Leather Journal, Wedding Birthday Gifts for Daughters from Mother, Daughter Gifts 140 pages Refillable Journal

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