Micro Kickboard – Micro Cruiser LED – Two Wheeled, Fold-to-Carry Swiss-Designed Micro Scooter for Kids with Smooth Gliding Light-Up, Large Wheels for Ages 6+


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Micro Kickboard ScootersMicro Kickboard Scooters

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Micro Kickboard is the U.S. partner for Swiss company Micro-Mobility, maker of the best quality scooters, kickboards, and other innovative personal transport solutions for children and adults, all designed to help you create a better, more sustainable lifestyle. Experience the joy of Micro scooters, join the revolution, and ride in style on your next journey!

How did we get our start?

Founded in 1999 with the launch of the original Micro scooter, our Swiss founder set out to design a high-quality scooter to go the “Micro” distance: a distance that was too far to walk, but too short for a car ride.

What makes our products unique?

Micro scooters are loved for their smooth glide and unbeatable quality. Continuous Swiss innovation ensures a stable and reliable ride for years to come!

Why do we love what we do?

At Micro Kickboard, we share Micro’s passion for sustainable transportation, providing exceptional products and services for riders across the US.

3-wheel for ages 1-5

3-wheel for ages 5-12

2-wheel for ages 6+

Rides for ages 13+

Fold & go! The convenient folding mechanism makes scooting to school a breeze. Park at the bike rack with the Cruiser’s handy kickstand.
The Cruiser’s cool chopper-style handlebar plus low deck offers premium comfort and control in a unique ‘low-ride’ style.
Every part on the Cruiser is replaceable! Once your child has outgrown it, freshen it up to pass to a sibling or a pal, so your Cruiser never ends up in a landfill. 2-year mfg warranty + rockin’ customer service included.

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