LUORNG 5PCS Waterproof DC Power Socket with 2P Red and Black Wire Waterproof Cover Coaxial 2-Wire Charging Ports Compatible with Hover-1 Hyper Scooter Hoverboard


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Price: $7.99
(as of May 11, 2024 23:48:31 UTC – Details)

Compatibility: Our coaxial 2-wire charging port.
Number of pins: 2 pins
Cable length: 10CM/4in
Sheath Material: PE
Insulation Material: PVC
Core material: 11-60
Number of strands: 21
Working temperature: -25 to 260

Cylinder diameter: 2.1 mm
Coaxial outer diameter (female): 5.5 mm
Receiving coaxial OD (male): 5.5 mm
Receiving coaxial ID (male): 2.15 mm
Specifications: Coaxial outer diameter 5.5 mm, coaxial inner diameter 2.15 mm, 4 inch cable with bare end
DIY installation: With the minimal tools required for this replacement adapter, you can safely charge the battery by simply removing the old charger port from the e-scooter and adding the new charger port
Rated voltage: 12V; Rated current: 1A
Package contents: 5 waterproof DC power outlets

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