Hover-1 H1 Hoverboard Electric Scooter


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Price: $245.99
(as of May 17, 2024 23:18:32 UTC – Details)

The Hover-1 electric scooter hoverboard for adults measures 8″H x 23.5″L x 9.5″W and weighs just over 25 lbs, while allowing for a generous, maximum weight capacity of up to 264 lbs. Upon delivery of this electric scooter assembly is not required. These electric scooters for adults feature remarkable technology including customizable LED headlights, a built-in Bluetooth speaker and app control capabilities. In addition, this self-balancing, electric scooter for adults is water resistant and customizable with 3 skill level riding modes. A built-in, rechargeable, UL certified lithium battery and UL certified power cord represent how impressively powerful this electric scooter hover board truly is, allowing with relative ease, for speeds as high as 10 MPH and up to 12 miles of travel per charge. Hover-1 represents the ultimate solution for alternative transportation. Their electric scooters capitalize upon impeccable structural quality, brilliant design and the most contemporary technology. These particulars are combined to yield spectacular results and flawless products. Hover-1 Represents the Ultimate Solution for Alternative Transportation. Structural Quality, Brilliant Design and Ultra Contemporary Technology are Combined to Yield Spectacular Results and Flawless Products.
COLOR-CHANGING HEADLIGHTS – Bright, dual LED headlights illuminate your path and add style to your ride in a variety of colors.
INTEGRATED BLUETOOTH SPEAKER – H1 comes with a built-in Bluetooth speaker, so you can listen to your favorite music and podcasts while you ride!
LONG-LASTING BATTERY – H1 features a built-in 36V/4Ah lithium-ion rechargeable battery that fully charges in only 3.5 hours. Ride for up to 9 miles on a full charge.
SELF-BALANCING SYSTEM – The dynamic stabilization system will give you the confidence to ride like a pro. The Helix hoverboard subtly balances itself to keep you upright and will stabilize itself if you tilt too far forward or backward, providing a safe, stable, and fun riding experience.
WE TAKE SAFETY SERIOUSLY – H1 creates alert signals if you are riding too fast or on unsafe surfaces, allowing you to slow down and avoid mishaps. H1 is UL2272 certified, meaning that it has been tested to applicable standards and deemed safe. Ride with peace of mind.

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