Hover-1 Astro Electric Hoverboard 7MPH Top Speed, 9 Mile Range, 5HR Run-Time, Built-in Bluetooth Speaker, Rider Modes: Beginner to Expert


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Price: $249.99 - $192.30
(as of May 11, 2024 06:59:55 UTC – Details)

Illuminate the streets with Hover-1 Astro Electric Scooter that features step-on mat sensors, dual LED headlights, color changing fender and deck lights, 6.5″ light-up non-pneumatic wheels and powerful 200W dual motors that can reach a speed of 7 mph even on a 10-degree incline. Features a built-in Bluetooth speaker that allows you to effortlessly connect your smartphone and play music without needing any headphones. Download the Hover-1 Bluetooth App to customize your scooter according to your needs. With a self-balancing design, this easy to learn scooter is perfect for beginners and young adults as it provides stability and keeps you upright. Equipped with a 25.2V/4.0 Ah Li-ion rechargeable battery, it can travel up to 9 miles on a 5-hour charge. Meeting all necessary safety standards, it is UL2272 certified and MSDS & UN 38.3 tested. Buy one for yourself or gift it to your friends or family for Christmas or Birthdays. We encourage all riders to wear proper safety gear to protect themselves. Visit the Hover-1 Brand Store (click on our brand) to find helmets, knee & elbow pads and keep the good times rolling.
FUN, EASY AND INTUITIVE RIDING – Step on one side first, the board stabilizes so you can put your other foot on. Controls are easy to learn, allowing you to smoothly accelerate/decelerate by applying pressure with your feet and/or leaning.
BEST SELF-BALANCING SYSTEM – With Hover-1, the built-in inertia dynamic stabilization system keeps you in control. The Astro hoverboard scooter stabilizes the rider, controls balance and motion for a safe, stable & fun riding experience.
BLUETOOTH & LED HOVERBOARD – Enjoy your favorite track or playlist with the built-in Bluetooth 4.0 speaker. Switch between the 3 skill modes, enable GPS tracking, play/pause music, and customize your LED lights with the Android/iOS compatible Bluetooth App.
WE TAKE SAFETY SERIOUSLY – The hoverboard sends alerts if you are speeding or riding on unsafe surfaces so you can slow down and avoid mishaps. LED headlights on both sides of the board for additional visibility during night time riding.

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