Educational Manual Plastic Scooter Board with Safety Handles | 16″ x 12″ inches | Perfect for Kids, Teens, Adults | PE, Gym Class, Daycare, Preschool Development, Games


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(as of May 18, 2024 08:55:33 UTC – Details)

LET KIDS SCOOT, LET KIDS GLIDE, LET KIDS ROLL, LET THEM HAVE FUN! Shot Taker Co. yet again would like to introduce this wonderful scooter board with handles for your children and loved ones. This scooter board is perfect for kids to build up their core strength and body balance while having fun in an indoor place. The heavy-duty plastic construction provides an excellent durability. The board is measured approximately 16” x 12” x 4” and can hold up to 175lbs The smart 360-degree rotating wheels design allows kids to have the maximum movement while riding the scoot board and turn effortlessly. Plastic wheels are designed to prevent damaging floors; handles would keep children’s hands and fingers safe while providing steering and control of the board CAUTION: NEVER STAND ON BOARD! And only use under qualified supervision!
RE-DESIGN WHEELS FOR BETTER SAFETY FEATURE- by adding a wheel cover on each wheel and increasing the board’s height to 4” tall prevents kids’ hands from getting injured by touching the wheels or the ground.
PROTECTIVE HANDLES FEATURE- Handles on both sides of the scooters provide easy steering and control, and also keep children’s hands safe from rolling wheels
2” and 360 DEGREE ROTATING WHEELS – unlike those one direction wheels currently in the market, our scooter wheels allow users to create movements easily in multiple directions on hard floor surfaces such as gym, classroom, indoor and outdoor space
INCREASE STRENGTH AND BALANCE- provides sufficient movement and great exercise, which help youngsters develop core strength in both the upper and lower body while having fun

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