Bemaystar Gifts for Mom – Mom Gifts,Puzzle Night Light with Wood Base,Birthday/Valentines/Mothers Day/Christmas Gifts for Mom from Daughters/Son



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The brand founder of Bemaystar,Kevin is a person who pursues a personalized lifestyle. From home decorations to gifts for family and friends, Kevin hopes that this personalized lifestyle can be shared with everyone. So he founded Bemaystar.

Bemaystar is deeply rooted in the professional field of personalized gifts, hoping that everyone’s life is unique and beautiful !

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💝Mom Christmas Gifts💝 Show your love for your mom on a special day.The puzzle night light is perfect as birthday gifts for mom,Mothers day gifts,Thanksgiving gifts, Christmas gifts, Valentines day gifts for mom, stepmother,mother in law, boyfriends mom.
💝 Easy to Use💝 The warm light of this LED lamp is soft and even, it won’t be dazzling and create an ideal sleep environment. It has a switch button to turn off/on and a USB connector can be connected with mobile power supply or adapter, which is very convenient.
💝Warm Decoration💝 This decorative acrylic night lightis an essential addition to any living space. It’s good for use in homes, bedrooms, living rooms and more. Everytime mom see it , she knows how awesome she is.Perfect gifts for mom who has everything.
💝Premium Craftsmanship💝 Bemaystar well-prepared gift mom lights are made of high quality and safe clear acrylic not glass, which is sturdy and durable also energy-saving. Solid wood base, not fragile. If you have problems with this gift , please feel free to contact us.

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Bemaystar Gifts for Mom – Mom Gifts,Puzzle Night Light with Wood Base,Birthday/Valentines/Mothers Day/Christmas Gifts for Mom from Daughters/Son

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