Air Fryer Cheat Sheet Magnets Cooking Guide Booklet Over 200 Food



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Q: What makes our products unique? A: We have a super powerful foods quantity upgrade for air fryer cheat sheet, those other air fryer cheat sheets? Compared to ours having over 200+ foods, they only list times and temperatures for 60 to 120 foods. And also our guides and accessories for home cooks looking to eat healthier and save time in the kitchen, which is designed products make healthy cooking easy and accessible. Q: What problem are we solving? A: By providing cheat sheets, guides, and accessories, we help people save time and cook healthier meals. Q: Why do we love what we do? A: As home cooks ourselves, we love sharing with our customers the solutions we have found to improve our ability to make delicious meals easily. 7.8” x 7” Magnetic air fryer cooking times chart magnet, over 200 Foods with Exact Times and Temps for Air-Fried Perfection. Our cheat sheet has provided you with 5 categories: – POULTRY & SEAFOOD – BAKERY, DESSERTS & SNACKS – LAMB, PORK & BEEF – LEGUMES & VEGETABLES – FROZEN SECTION Matters needing attention: 1. Our chart not only use magnetic back to stick on fridge, but also hang at your favorite spot in the kitchen. 2. The product is high-strength soft magnetic. Please do not stick the magnetic on an area that gets really hot, the soft magnetic is not heat-proof. 3. 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will solve all your inner problems!
Magnetic air fryer cheat sheet magnets cooking chart – 7” x 6” inches with sturdy plastic pages. Conveniently hang cooking accessories measurement magnet or stick on fridge for quick viewing. Waterproof & tear-proof air fryer chart magnetic with strong magnet that will provide years of value.
Stylish design features easy-access tabs in large, easy-to-read fonts. Instant Air fryer magnetic cheat sheet set with clear kitchen cooking instructions in both fahrenheit & celsius conversion chart, ensuring perfectly cooked pot food every single time so you can make delicious food for yourself, friends & family that they will rave about.
Air fryer cooking times chart magnet, times and temp guide. Special sections include: tips & tricks, steak doneness prime rib cook temperature chart, safe minimum internal meat temps, vast Legumes & Vegetables section for vegans, and unique Bakery, Desserts & Snacks category.
Air fryer oven accessories magnet cooking guide comes in attractive box. Ideal baking supplies gift for keto, paleo, and health-conscious friends and family that love to cook.