42V Electric Scooter Charger for 36V Lithium Battery – PowerFast 3-Prong Inline Connector for Pocket Mod, Sports Mod – Gotrax Scooter Charger


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Product Description


Product Dimensions

Adapter: 4.9 x 1.9 x 1.2 inches

AC cable: 4.9 feet

DC cable: 3.9 feet

Product Details

Input AC 100-240V 50/60Hz 1.5A Output 42V 2A Compatible for charging for Lithium Battery (Li-on battery), and the battery capacity is 36V. Connector Tip Female Mini 3-Pin Inline, diameter is 0.31inch Multiple protection Over charge protection, Over temperature protection, Short circuit protection, Over power protection, Over current protection, Over voltage protection


Indicator Lights

Red light indicates charging,

Green light indicates fully charged.

The indicator light indicates the whole process: When the charger is connected to the power supply, the indicator light is green.

When the interface is connected to the scooter, the indicator light changes from green to red.

When the charger has finished charging, the light turns from red to green again. At this point, you can unplug the charger and use the scooter.


female plugfemale plug


If you can’t charge your scooter, there may be one of the following reasons:

1. the charger is not suitable for your scooter.

2. your battery is damaged due to the limited lifespan of lithium batteries. If your battery has been used for more than 12 months or has not been used for 2-3 months, the battery may be damaged.

3. If the green light is on when you plug it in, but when you connect the scooter, the green light does not turn to red, but remains on, the charger will not work. This is because the positive and negative (+/-) ports of our charger do not correspond to the positive and negative (+/-) ports of your scooter, resulting in no power to your scooter.can try to connect the charger to your scooter from different interfaces

4. If the green light is on when plugged in. After connecting the scooter, the green light goes out, this is because the scooter has an internal short circuit, which causes the charger self-protection function to fail, you’d better check the scooter battery and replace it.


1: If you receive a broken item, please do not use it and mail it directly.

2: This product is only for 36V lithium battery. d: The output of this product is 42V 2A with mini 3-hole inline connector, size 8mm, please check all the information before ordering, if you are not sure about the product, please email before ordering, thank you.

3: Not for use with lead acid batteries.

[WARNING]This product is NOT compatible with Razor scooters or dirt bikes! Kindly avoid using it in conjunction with Lead Acid batteries.
[Charging Indicator Light]The charging indicator light will show two colors. When the red light is on, it means it is charging, and when the green light is on, it means it is full.
[Multi-protection]Input: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz 2.5A(MAX); Output: DC 42V 2A. Short-circuit protection, over-voltage protection, over-current protection, and will not overcharge, remove the charger when the green light is on.
[Upgrade Specifications] Constructed with an internal thickening of 28 pure copper wires, this product offers a significant advantage over the commonly used 17 mixed copper wires. The pure copper construction ensures superior conductivity, providing a reliable and efficient performance. The increased thickness further enhances its durability and wear resistance, making it a long-lasting solution for your needs.

Warranty & Support

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