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Price: $6.99
(as of Apr 16, 2024 16:03:38 UTC – Details)

Quantity: 8 Sheets/Set
Item: Bunny Nail Stickers
Type: Nail Stickers/Decals
Sticker Type: 3D Self-Adhesive Stickers
Style: Cute
Pattern Design: Cartoon Rabbit
Colors: Colorful
Sheet Size: About 9x6cm/3.54×2.36in
Main Purpose: Used for DIY nail art, can be used with nail polish

3D cartoon rabbit nail stickers, cute and vivacious.
Rich patterns design, sufficient for daily nail needs.
Self-adhesive nail art stickers, easy to stick on nails.
Can help you get professional nail art results in minutes.
Suitable for both natural nails and artificial nails.
Also can be decorative stickers to decorate other items.

How to use:
Step 1. Apply a layer of primer on the nail and put it under nail lamp to wait it dry completely.
Step 2. Apply colored background nail polish, put it under nail light and then wait it dry until 90% dryness.
Step 3. Choose your favorite pattern on nail sticker and carefully peel it off by tweezers.
Step 4. Paste the pattern on the nail, and then gently press the entire surface.
Step 5. Finally seal with a top coat to protect the sticker, cure it for more last effect.

【Cartoon Rabbits Nail Decals】The nail stickers are desiged with various cartoon rabbits pattern, sweet and cute, make your nails become more lively, lovely and interesting, suitable for most people even kids.
【Self-adhesive Bronzing Stickers】Colorful bronzing rabbit nail stickers are self-adhesive, allowing you to attach these nail art stickers directly to your nails without any glue, non-toxic to natural nails, easy to use, perfect for sharing with family or friends who love diy nails.
【Easter Nail Accessories】As we all know, the rabbit has always been a symbol of cuteness and is one of the classic elements of Easter, these cute bunny stickers are definitely one of the most appropriate nail accessories for easter, they will make your nails look cuter and more playful.
【Idea Personal Decorations】3D bunny stickers are not only great for decorating nails, but also perfect for decorating your personal items such as greeting cards, scrapbooks, phone cases, notebooks, books, purses and so on, they will create more surprises and fun for your life.