120pcs Glossy Fake Nails Nude Square French Natural White False Nail Tips Short Medium Press On Nails Cute Christmas Party Show Daily Finger Wear 5 * 24pcs

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(as of Jul 18, 2024 17:55:19 UTC – Details)

This is pre-designed press on nails. Easy to use, no need to go to salon by using this.

1. Clean and buff natural nail gently.
2. Apply Nail Glue or Glue sticker to the plastic tip(NOT including adhesive stickers or glue for this nails).
3. Apply Plastic Tip to the natural nail.
4. Press the Tip and hold down for 30 sec. It is more stronger after 24 hours if you use the adhesive stickers
If you use the adhesive tabs, then
1. Put your hand into the warm water and keep about 1~2 munites.
2. Try to remove the nail tips gently so as to not damage your natural nails.
3. Keep the nails and reuse them if you want.
If you use the liquid glue, then please use glue removal water to help to remove the nails.
Do not use if natural nails are Inflamed or infected. Keep out of reach of children.